About GOPGenius

The leadership at GOP Genius are dedicated Republicans who love our country and treasure the Constitution from which we get our freedom.
GOP Genius was created because we observed the lack of resources for Republican candidates in our home state of Delaware.
Since our parent company, Metro Merchant Services, has been in the payments business for over 21 years, we thought, why not use our payments and technology expertise to help the party candidates have a one stop shop for their donation and fundraising needs!
Additionally, we learned that candidates were wasting their precious funds by using expensive but “easy to implement” payment solutions like PayPal and Square.
Not only are the processing rates and fees high, but there is a severe lack of customer service, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, these payment platforms are often left leaning and are not aligned with our Republican values.
GOP Genius is the Republican’s solution for payments, fundraising, and political campaign websites.
Republican’s supporting Republicans!

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Our Company Mission

  • Our mission is to deliver the most advanced, cost effective and customer oriented campaign solutions to meet your needs.

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  • Metro Merchant Services
    510 Century Boulevard
    Wilmington, DE 19808
    Phone: 800.771.3719

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